Any adult Indian Muslim is eligible to apply for membership of the Orphanage. An application has to be filled up on a prescribed form. The said application is placed for consideration before the Managing Committee whose decision is final......


80G and FCR Certified

Operating in Kolkata, West Bengal, The Calcutta Muslim Orphanage was established in the year 1892, having FCR clearance, and any donation to The Calcutta Muslim Orphanage, is exemted from Taxation under 80G Income Tax Act.

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"Did he not find you (O Muhammad SAW) an orphan
and gave you a refuge?

And he found you poor and made you rich (self-sufficient with self contentment) ?
Therefore, treat not the orphans with oppression.
And repulse not the beggar.
And proclaim the Grace of your-Lord."

The above passage is the translation of verses 6-11 of the Sura Ad-Duha (93) of the Holy Qur'an. In these verses Almighty Allah has given some vital directions to the Holy Prophet Mohammad, Peace be upon him, with regard to the orphans and the poor and through him to the entire world.


The Orphanage has succeeded in starting and running several educational institutions which are recognised by the State Government and Statutory bodies, details of which are given below:
(1) There are two Government recognised primary schools at 8, Syed Saleh Lane, Calcutta - one Bengali medium and another Urdu medium.


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