Any adult Indian Muslim is eligible to apply for membership of the Orphanage. An application has to be filled up on a prescribed form. The said application is placed for consideration before the Managing Committee whose decision is final......



The main aims and objects of the Orphanage are not only to provide food and shelter but also include all other facilities for the orphans, both boys and girls, at its own Homes. At The Calcutta Muslim Orphanage every boy or girl inmate has the right to affection, love and understanding. Also he/she has the right to adequate nutrition and medical care to free education facilities and that they all are given full opportunity for play and recreation. Special care is given to inmates who are handicapped. They are trained to be useful members of society and develop individual abilities. They are brought up in a sprit of peace and universal brotherhood/sisterhood so as to become proud citizen of the country.

The boys and girls, generally in the age group of 6 to 10, are admitted after necessary medical check up and enquiries. Besides religious education, contemporary Education is imparted to the boys in schools and colleges as far as they can go upto the age of their discharge at 18 years. It is not however, binding upon the management of CMO to allow boys to remain in the CMO till 18 years. Any inmates may be asked to leave CMO if he is not interested in his studies and / or breaks the discipline of the institution frequently. In exceptional cases extension of period is allowed to boys for their stay at CMO. Those who show inclination and take interest are imparted training in various trades viz Electric, Tailoring and bookbinding and computers available in the Orphanage's own Industrial School. Boys who wish to get technical training in other trades such as air-conditioning, refrigeration and other fields are also encouraged at CMO's expenses. Addition of new technical courses are also being actively considered by the Management. Our girls/boys bag Awards at the annual Shishu Mela organised by State Government of West Bengal of Minorities Developments Corporation and Milan Mela organized. The girls are given education upto primary standard in its own Government recognised Primary School at 2, Sharif Lane. Later they are admitted in different middle and secondary schools. Training in Art & Craft, sewing and the like is also provided to them. Handicraft Exhibition is an annual event at the Orphanage at 2, Sharif Lane for displaying their wares. The Orphanage arranges for marriage of girl inmates to suitable grooms at proper time. Opportunity is first given to their guardians to look for a suitable match. In most of the cases they leave entire responsibility on CMO. In all cases, however, all expenses of marriage are borne by the Orphanage. After the Marriage of girl inmates the CMO keeps in touch with the couple to know their welfare from time to time.


The day to day affairs of the Orphanage, however, are managed by a Managing Committee consisting of 60 members including office-bearers. 40 of them are elected every three years while 10 members are co-opted. There are 5 Trustee and 5 honorary posts such as treasurer, Medical Officer, Civil Engineer, Legal Advisor, inter Auditor. The elections are declared at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the rules. All office bearer posts are honorary.


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