Any adult Indian Muslim is eligible to apply for membership of the Orphanage. An application has to be filled up on a prescribed form. The said application is placed for consideration before the Managing Committee whose decision is final......



The day to day affairs of the Orphanage, however, are managed by a Managing Committee consisting of 60 members including office-bearers. 40 of them are elected every three years while 10 members are co-opted. There are 5 Trustee and 5 honorary posts such as treasurer, Medical Officer, Civil Engineer, Legal Advisor, inter Auditor. The elections are declared at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the rules. All office bearer posts are honorary.

The administration is run through Hony. Secretary or a full time paid Secretary and other staff appointed by the Managing Committee according to rules for assistance of the Secretary.

The Girls' Section is managed internally by a Ladies Sub Committee who is advised by a Girls' Supervisory Committee both of which are appointed by the Managing Committee. There are Sub-Committees appointed by Managing Committee for better management.


Office Bearers for the period 2018-21.

Trustee Mr. M. J. Akbar
Trustee Mr. Shahanshah Jahangir
Trustee Mr. Iqbal Salejeeh
Trustee Mr. S. M. Maroof.
President Mrs. Sajdah Ahmed, M. P. (Lok Sabha)
Vice President Dr. Md. Ekramul Haque
Vice President Mr. Abdul Haque
Vice President Mr. Abdul Majeed
Vice President Mr. Iqbal Mustafa
Vice President Mr. Md. Nasimuddin Khan
Vice President Mr. Akhlaque Ahmed
Hony. Secretary Mr. Abdul Qaiyum Ansari
Hony. Legal Advisors Mr. Anwar Alam Khan
Hony. Legal Advisors Mr. Md. Talay Masood Siddiqui
Hony. Treasurer Mr. Shan Elahi
Hony. Internal Auditor Mr. Azhar Imam


Office Bearers of different Sub-Committees for the period 2018-21.

Name of Sub-Committee Chairman/Chairperson Convenor
Building & Legal Advisory Mr. Amiruddin Mr. Dawood Asmal
General Administration, Personnel & Disciplinary Mr. Saghir Ahmed Mr. Zakir Qasimuddin
Finance Mr. Ishtiaque Ahmed Mr. Abdul Rahim
Education & Dinyat Mr. Md. Shahab Mrs. Sanobar Sultan, Mrs. Farah Khan
Press & Publicity Mr. Md. Noor Alam Azmi Mr. Murad S. Mahmood
Admission, Discharge, Marriage Mr. Syed Ekram Hussain Mr. Ajaz Afzal Badar
Sports & Inmates Welfare Mr. Haider Ali Khan Mr. Jawed Ahmed Khan
Ladies Mrs. Sana Ahmed Mrs. Fareena Masood Batin
Health & Hygiene Dr. Taha Ahmed Alhaj Rezaul Haque Shamsi
Donation, Zakat & Fitra Collection Mr. Shah Md. Kadiri Mr. Nasir Hossain
Technical Education Mr. Md. Owais Qarni Mr. Nazrul Islam
Press & Publicity Mr. S. Monir Iqbal Hashmi Md. Noor Alam Azmi


Mr. Jameel Manzar, Mr. Syed Md. Raza Alam, Mr. Ayub Kolia, Dr. Jahangir Ahmed, Mrs. Farhat Shahid, Mr. Iqbal Ahmed, Mrs. Kaniz Fatma Kadiri, Mr. Md. Aamir Bkhtiyar Baig, Mr. Md. Ataur Rahman, Mr. Md. Hossain, Mr. Md. Mushtaque, Mr. Md. Qamruddin, Mr. Md. Shahid Rashid, Mr. Mohammed Irshad Ahmed, Mr. Shafiqur Rahman, Mrs. Uzma Alam, Mr. Sharique Ahmed, Mr. Ghazal-ul-Zafar, Mr. Parvez Raza, Mrs. Parveen Bano


The girl inmates were lodged in a rented house at 2, Sharif Lane for a long time. The Orphanage succeeded in purchasing the said house with the adjoining vacant land at 1/1 & 2, Sharif Lane measuring 23 cottahs in all, in the year 1981. A scheme for development of the girls' section was drawn up.



The main sources of income are Zakat, Fitra, Sadqa, General Donations and Qurbani Skin collections during the holy month of Ramazan Sharif festivals like Idul Fitre and Iduzzoha respectively.


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