Any adult Indian Muslim is eligible to apply for membership of the Orphanage. An application has to be filled up on a prescribed form. The said application is placed for consideration before the Managing Committee whose decision is final......



The Orphanage has succeeded in starting and running several educational institutions which are recognised by the State Government and Statutory bodies, details of which are given below:

(1) There are two Government recognised primary schools at 8, Syed Saleh Lane, Calcutta - one Bengali medium and another Urdu medium.

(2) There is a Technical School with facilities for training in Electric, Tailoring and Bookbinding at 8, Syed Saleh Lane. The Government provides only D.A. grant to the teacher while all other expenses are borne by the Orphanage itself.

(3) There are primary schools, for boys and girls separately, at the Orphanage's own building at 11, Peter Lane, both started by the Orphanage.

(4) There are recognised secondary schools for boys and girls separately, at 11, Peter Lane, both started by the Orphanage.

(5) There is a Primary School for girls at 2, Sharif Lane, Kolkata - 16.

A modern computer training centre named after one of the founding fathers of CMO Janab Syed Abul Hasan Khan Computer Centre for girls is serving the purpose of the girl inmates as well as poor and needy girls.

During the year 2005-06 this institution has done comparatively better then recent years and has registered progress in different sections.

As you know that National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, Ministry of Human Resources, Govt. of India had identified CMO as a suitable place for establishing a Centre for Multilingual and Multimedia Computer Centre. Keeping in view of the job-oriented aspect of the course, arrangements were made for imparting training in Computer Application and Multimedia and awarding certificates on completion of one year Diploma Course at our Boys section. the NCPUL provided the Orphanage with five computers, one scanner and one printer at their cost. Also the monthly remuneration for 2 faculty staff, one Supervisor and one peon was agreed to be borne by them for next 3 years.

This was inaugurated on 28th July, '02 and thus a new technology started by our Orphanage with assistance from NCPUL. This Centre are taught basics and advance computer lessons.


There is a library and reading room at Head Office premises. Books, Periodicals, Newspapers and Magazines in Urdu, Bengali and English are provided to inmates. The library is managed by a part time Librarian.


It was in the light of the above teaching of Islam a few devoted and sincere persons under the leadership of Maulvi Syed Abul Hasan Khan Saheb decided to establish a home for orphans and named it THE CALCUTTA MUSLIM ORPHANAGE (Yatim Khana Islamia, Calcutta) 119 years back on September 15, 1892.



The day to day affairs of the Orphanage, however, are managed by a Managing Committee consisting of 60 members including office-bearers. 40 of them are elected every three years while 10 members are co-opted. There are 5 Trustee and 5 honorary posts such as treasurer, Medical Officer, Civil Engineer, Legal Advisor, inter Auditor. The elections are declared at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the rules. All office bearer posts are honorary.


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