Any adult Indian Muslim is eligible to apply for membership of the Orphanage. An application has to be filled up on a prescribed form. The said application is placed for consideration before the Managing Committee whose decision is final......



The Calcutta Muslim Orphanage has in its possession the following immoveable properties.

1) Premises no. 8, Syed Saleh Lane, Kolkata - 73. It is a four storey building which houses offices of CMO, a boarding and lodging house for boy inmates, Primary and technical school, Multimedia Computerized Training Centre, prayer hall, Meeting Hall and Primary Health Centre, spread over on a total area of 1 Bigha land.

2) Premises no. 1 & 2, Sharif Lane almost half of the area is consisted of a 3 storey new residential building for girl inmates while the other half as a newly built building for English medium girls higher secondary school which was been inaugurated on 27th February 2004 by H.E. the then President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam along with Mr. Viren J. Shah, H.E. the Governor of West Bengal.

3) Premises no. 11, Peter Lane, Kolkata - 73. It is a 5 storey pucca building and is housing CMO High School. CMO Girls High School, CMO (Boys) Primary School and CMO (Girls) Primary School, CMO (Boys) Primary School and CMO (Girls) Primary School. All these schools were started by The Calcutta Muslim Orphanage and they are recognized by the Government and have their separate supervisory Committee. Moreover CMO Boys and CMO Girls' Higher Secondary School are affiliated with W.B. Higher Secondary Education West Bengal.

4) An old and tenanted 3 storey building at 75, Phears Lane, Kolkata - 73.

5) The CMO purchased one fourth part of this building in auction by Income Tax Authorities and fetches rent of this ΒΌ portion of this building.

6) One 3 storey tenanted building at 25A, Elliot Road.

7) One 3 storey tenanted property at 25B, Elliot Road.

8) One 2 storey tenanted building at 25C, Elliot Road.

9) One 3 storey tenanted property at 6A, Nawab Serajul Islam Lane.

10) Premises no. 25, Elliot Lane one storied rented building.

11) Premises no. 10/1, Elliot Lane, one storey rented building.

12) Premises no. 24, Elliot Lane, one storey rented building. Premises no. 10/1 & 24, Elliot Lane, are under Guddan Bibi Waqf Estate and its income is Waqf in favor of a mosque at 10, Elliot Road, The CMO is managing its affairs as Mutawalli.

13) One two storey tenanted building being premises no. 40, Mirza Ghalib Street.

14) One 4 storey tenanted building at 8, Nawab Abdul Rahman Street.

15) One 2 storey tenanted building at 11, Gulu Ostagar Lane.

16) One two storey building on 99 years lease in favor of CMO at 6, Syed Amir Ali Avenue. Its case is pending in court.

17) One 2 storey building at 11, Jan Nagar Road.

18) One storey building at 11, Ahiripukur Road under the management of Najmun Nisa Waqf Estate. The CMO is Mutawalli of this estate.

19) One khatal and four residential rented rooms at 33, Bhagwan Das Mondal Street.

20) One Khola Bari on theka tenancy at 10, Alimuddin Street.

21) One storey tenanted building at 18, B.T. Road in Titagarh.

22) The CMO receives 1.8 share out of the rent of a theka tenancy at 7/1, Gas Street.

23) Premises no. 22/4/1-1/11; 22/4/H/12 and 22/4/H/13, Khagendra Chatterjee Road, Cossipore which is on Theka tenancy. It was assigned to CMO on Waqf. There are tenants in these Khola Barees.

24) Late Rabea Khatoon, wife of late Abdul Hamid, according to a will of her lat husband, had given on waqf a rented khola to CMO.

25) The CMO has received one 2 storey tenanted building at 7/1, Imdad Ali Lane, according to the will of late Syed Rihan Ahmed.

26) About 8.5 Bigha of land at 22 Diamond Harbor Road, which was granted to CMO on Perpetual Lease by the British Government. The CMO had constructed few building on it out of its own funds so that the boys/girls may be shifted to this spacious and open environment. It was first requisitioned by the Govt. in 1942 for war purposes and then occupied illegally by refugees from East Bengal. The committee has taken up the matter with the State Government to allot to CMO a suitable plot of land in exchange of this land.

27) One Khola Bari at 46K, Gora Chand Road was donated to CMO by Dr. Zafeer Ahmed Saheb.

28) Property at 26D, Noor Ali Lane, 26E, Noor Ali Lane, 17E, Tanti Bagan Lane, 14, Tanti Bagan Lane.

29) History was made when the Orphanage purchased a G+3 floor pucca building at 37, Colootola Street, Kolkata - 700 073. An new English medium Abul Hasn High School has been established in our building at 37, Maulana Shaukat Ali Street. It has already started functioning.

We are extremely grateful to our well wishers, respected donors, members and sympathizers, all concerned Government Departments for their kindness and patronage to this historical orphanage and hope that in future too they will continue to patronize.


1 22/4/H/11, K. C. Road, Kol-2. G
2 22/4/H/12, K. C. Road, Kol-2. G
3 22/4/H/13, K. C. Road, Kol-2. G
4 11, Gulu Ostager Lane, Kol-6. G+3
5 7/1, Gas Street, Kol-9. G+1
6 26C, Noor Ali Lane, Kol-14. G
7 26D, Noor Ali Lane, Kol-14. G
8 26E, Noor Ali Lane, Kol-14. G
9 17E, Tanti Bagan Lane, Kol-14. G
10 14, Tanti Bagan Lane, Kol-14. G
11 46K, Gora Chand Road, Kol-14. G
12 25A, Elliot Road, Kol-16. G+2
13 25B, Elliot Road, Kol-16. G+2
14 25C, Elliot Road, Kol-16. G+1
15 10/1, Elliot Lane, Kol-16. G+2
16 6A, N. S. Islam Lane, Kol-16. G+2
17 18, N. A. Rahman Street, Kol-16. G+3
18 24, Elliot Lane, Kol-16. G+1
19 25, Elliot Lane, Kol-16. G
20 7/1, Imdad Ali Lane, Kol-16. G+1
21 1, Alimuddin Steeet, Kol-16. G
22 9, Alimuddin Street, Kol-16. G
23 40, Mirza Ghalib Street, Kol-16. G+2
24 2, Sharif Lane, Kol-16. G+3
25 1/1, Sharif Lane, Kol-16. G+3
26 3, Sharif Lane, Kol-16. G
27 6, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kol-17. G+1
28 11, Jannagar Road, Kol-17. G+1
29 33, Bhagwan Mondal Street, Kol-57. G
30 73, Phears Lane, Kol-73. G+3
31 11, Peter Lane, Kol-73. G+4
32 75, Phears Lane, Kol-73. G+2
33 37, Maulana Shawkat Ali Street (Colootola), Kol-73. G+2
34 8, Syed Saleh Lane, Kol-73. G+3
35 11B, Ahiripukur Road, Kol. G
36 22, Diamond Harbour Road, Kol. Land
37 18, B. T. Road, Titagarh. G


The girl inmates were lodged in a rented house at 2, Sharif Lane for a long time. The Orphanage succeeded in purchasing the said house with the adjoining vacant land at 1/1 & 2, Sharif Lane measuring 23 cottahs in all, in the year 1981. A scheme for development of the girls' section was drawn up.



Three things emerge from what Almighty Allah has imparted in the above passage. Firstly, that the Prophet was born orphan and poor so that the orphan and the poor may not be looked down by any one, as the highest dignitary of the world viz Hazrat Mohammed (Peace be upon him) himself was an orphan. Secondly, that the orphans and the poor should be helped in their distress and none should be harsh or repulsive to them.


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